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Pink & Black Glam Cake Pops (от GO Custom Cakes by B)
Pretty Little Kites on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/9679605
Love her dress, and a pretty kitchen! A little to much pink but still cute.She is gorgeous too!
Mara I found this. It’s like a mix between our styles. Cute right? You still haven’t called me brat!
Oh this picture was entitled Hot Plastic.
I need to make this! I couldn’t figure out how to share the page but it’s Strawberry Mint Mousse in a chocolate cup! I am going to make this for Balos and I, for like a romantic dinner or something!
Here is the recipe on the actual site I found it:
I love myself! Lol

Orange Coconut Cream Filled Chocolates

I just…why do all my blogs I just feel liek saying: I want to eat this! or I want to try and make this! Lol I’m a fooooodie!
Also made these for them!